she got game


This was a look behind the scenes of Tim Ashton shooting an exclusive for Fashion Gone Rogue.

He has an eye for clean lines, ridiculously great light, shape & colour. He takes chaos and simplifies it in a way my mind sometimes can't even comprehend. He's pretty handsome and wants me to be on all of his shoots. I think we both scored.


Photos: Behind the scenes by Rachel Kara.
'She Got Game' by Tim Ashton for Fashion Gone Rogue feat Melissa Bell & Katherina Webster. Hair Luke Davis Makeup Desiree Wise Stylist Monique Moynihan


  1. This is SO cool! Your behind-the-scenes shots are beautiful.

  2. Absolutely beautiful work Rachel. You are very talented! Happy birthday for the other week as well :) x des

  3. You two..what a team! x

  4. WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH This is incredible! Every image is so tantilising! I spent so long looking at each image, soaking in their awesomeness. I love your bts shots, of course as always Rachel you capture such beauty no matter where or what you are photographing. Love it all. x Vanessa


bites and kisses for you. meow. x