Emma Mulholand

   Words by Hannah Rose YeePhotos by Me, Layout, Edit and Handwriting by Talisa Sutton

Think about the coolest kids you know. Not the most fashionable or the most popular or even the trendiest, but the coolest. Because there's a difference, right? Something in the way that they wear the clothes, rather than what it is, exactly, that they are wearing. It's an insouciance but not an affected one, like a perfect nonchalance. It's not that they don't care - of course they do, everyone does, deep down, did we learn nothing from The Devil Wears Prada? - but rather that they don't need to care. Innate coolness trumps premeditation in matters of style, always. 

Innate coolness is how we would describe Emma Mulholland. The cool kid's label of choice, she designs for the boys and girls that flit through your existence in 90s prints, bleached hair and high-top sneakers; usually simultaneously, with a beer in hand, at The Cricketers. Formerly of Romance Was Born, this season represents Mulholland's first runway presentation for her eponymous label, but it didn't show. A slick, tightly curated presentation (it was a packed house - standing room only - with big-name editors, international bloggers and scenester party photographers jostling for attention on the front row) with slick, tightly-curated clothes paraded by models across the room, weaving around a surfboard installation with the singular motion of sharks. 

You know these clothes are going to get worn. The polar bear spring break sweatshirt? Coming to a boozy barbecue near you. The paint-splattered overalls over the 'Let's Get Physical' one piece? Practically made for Bronte Sundays. And that sheer finale dress, embroidered with a killer whale rendered in sequins (incidentally, Mulholland's favourite look, though it began life as her nemesis)? A party starter if ever we saw one. The theme of the collection was 80s and 90s ski-wear, spliced through with Malibu references to lighten those icy motifs. Cleverly styled with everything from Skins activewear to Ryan Storer or Dinosaur Design jewels each look was fully realised, so much so that the inspiration required no leap of imagination. Fluorescent boardshorts and sheer leopard print tee shirts for the boys, silky bomber jackets emblazoned with logos fresh out of an 80s teen movie and what is becoming Mulholland's signature; chalk-hued backpack with accompanying sharkfin, this season offered in bright, resplendent metallics. Why not? That's the question that seems to drive Mulholland's designs, and it's not a bad one at all. That's the thing about cool kids. No matter what they do or what they wear, they always look like they're having so much fun.

HTR have had such fun taking you to the shows. If you missed it you can see more from here, here, here and here. Sexy bed heads at Ellery, the perfect baseball capped Marilyn Monroe at Kate Sylvester,   silk suiting sitting just right in a warehouse at Christopher Esber.
Being the good bloggers that Hannah and Talisa are it will require a little bit of a dig to find more of our fashion week experience together but do it, you will find much treasure as you go. 

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  1. The printed hair is amazing and I love that 'springbreakers'bomber jacket! Beautiful post as always from you gorgeous ladies.


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