Vogue for breakfast

"The suit is the chauffered car of ensembles. It's the James Bond of ensembles. It's the kind of thing you wear when you know you look good, rather than when you want to look good. And Vanishing Elephant’s suit sure does look good..."  - Hannah Rose Yee

What a morning we had shooting this strawberry basil breakfast delight for Talisas Vogue Spy Style blog.  She is the doll of all dolls. Glowing skin, dark doey eyes, delicate all over, honestly flawless taste, endearingly clumsy with a knife and an apartment that has better light than some of Sydneys best daylight studios. Expect more of this. 

Photos: Rachel Kara

Ps. Wishing to look that good in an all black lady suit is perfectly ok. I've been doing it ever since she first slipped it on. Pants, jacket and shirt all by Vanishing Elephant. 


  1. lady suit + strawberry basil breakfast = amazing

  2. Stunning photos! Love Hannah's quote too, such a great writer


bites and kisses for you. meow. x