life itself

 "A person should live in a way they love, they should love the way they live, they should always keep their eyes open, they should travel earnestly, ridiculously, spontaneously and copiously, they should use their hands as well as their hearts, they should smile easily and laugh often."  Hannah Rose Yee
For more on how & why one store, one concept, one lifestyle brought much brightness to our eyes and souls last Friday morning go visit Hannahs blog for the full recount of our Girl and Graaf experience. Concept store // 189 Bondi Rd, Bondi

Photos: Rachel Kara


  1. so lovely!
    - B

  2. Will have to check out this store when I'm next in Bondi. Hannah's blog looks great.

  3. really cool stuff. That yellow bowl is so pretty. And I love the branding of the merchandises they offer. Super wonderful photos.

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