"They're almost ugly". That's a direct quote from the Sunday paper. I don't know when I became a valid source to come to for opinions on style but maybe that's the thing, Birkenstocks aren't - and never really have been - about style. They're an item of great practicallity and comfort which have recently slipped into the critical eye of the fashion world. These are my favourite type of item. Suddenly my laziness looks somewhat admirable, or controversial at the least.
The problem with Birkenstocks and where all this hoo-ha is coming from is people (no not Celine, Celine can do whatever it wants without question) taking them out of context and making them the kind of shoe they're not and have never wanted to be.
Here's when they are ideal for sliding into...
When you are; working from home and go out to pick up a takeaway coffee (or chai, or coconut) // having a day at the beach that may involve a pre or post swim lunch date // potting your new herb garden, just because // making breakfast at home and go out to pick up the paper on a Sunday morning, so casual // generally scuffing about the house and it's too warm for ugg boots (seriously, I am so fash at home) // trying on clothes ie shopping - no untying, not thongs // (for the same reasons as shopping) the perfect picnic footwear // climbing a mountain // I could go on....
The headline has three key words 'daggy' 'hippy' 'hipster' which sums me up perfectly and is probably why I am all for the Birkenstock having it's moment, again 20 years later.
Oh..and I love the 90's. Just want to mention it.

Olenka jumpsuit, Glassons denim shirt, Jewellery by PetiteGrand, Catbird NYC & my future-wifey ring compliments of Tim Ashton 

Photos: Kate Moss by Corinne Day for The Face 1990,  Me by Justin Lloyd (News Ltd)


  1. Love your attitude when it comes to style. You make anything look good, girl!

  2. Wasn't sold until I saw this. Look at you, fresh and radiant as usual.


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