The corner

Cornersmith Picklry 441 Illawarra Road, Marrickville 

Cornersmith have opened what they are calling a Picklry and I am calling everyones dream corner store. Local produce, luxe condiments, pantry staples and cheese making classes. Seriously. 
What is it about those illustrious corner blocks? Especially around Sydneys inner west where original tiling, awnings and step ups are preserved more than what has come to be usual in this city. They make me curiously peer through the window before I decide to step in, set up camp and get cosy so I can sit and watch the traffic and people pass by from all directions for the rest of time. If good food & drink is served that's just a rather huge bonus. 


  1. WIll definitely have to pay a visit to Cornersmith. Looks like a cute inner city place that's a must try.

    Thanks for the lovely images, really sold me :)

  2. looks fabulous! like a dream shop! loving your blog!

  3. I'd love a shop like this in my area - sigh.......


bites and kisses for you. meow. x