I know this girl. She's one of my only friends I can eat cake with mid afternoon, midweek and not feel as though I'm a fraud at life. She knows the freelance life. She lives it too.
We like to dream a lot. We talk way more than we do. We have many half formed ideas sitting and weaving their way through our conversations. The ideal home, job, child, cake, meal, day, wardrobe, holiday, packing list, kitchen, life - they've all been covered that more than a few times, always growing and refining themselves as #thedream each time they are spoken out. 
We're as bad as one another at going all the way with action plans. 
We like to sit, find comfy places to settle in. We've gotten really good at that. We like things to be honest.
We admire glamorous women, but really, would always go for whoever was laughing the loudest and wearing flats with their hair not quite done.   
We crave simplicity and get seriously blissed out at brief moments of experiencing it...driving out of the city, staring at the ocean, early mornings, sitting & sharing around a table, BABIES, love, a great novel, crisp air. 
We love love. Actually, we need to talk about this more. 
We are learning to value our skills. When they undervalue her work I'm always dying to send an eff yourselves email to who ever is responsible. Instead we bitch about it and drink some tea and eat cake. We're ladies after all. 
All the love heart eye emojis for you HRY. When I'm not so sleepy I'll tell you some more. xxx

Photos: various taken from Capture The Castle by Hannah Rose Yee 


  1. HRY is my all-time favourite blogger. I could read her words all day (I have been doing since discovering her 6 years ago)

    Beautiful words on your friendship, what a lovely post!


  2. Great pictures from your beautiful life.

  3. Hi Rach, love your blog…you write so beautifully too. I'd love to know some of your favourite books? x


bites and kisses for you. meow. x