Model Charlotte Coquelin @ IMG Hair&Makeup Naomi McFadden Stylist Inez Gargia Photographer Tim husband Ashton  Assistant Alex Tracey 

Late last year, right before Cos opened in Melbourne, we took a boot full of pieces out to the cliffs and let Charlotte hang about in them whilst he took photos of her and I took photos of him taking photos of her all for Inez Daily. I wrote out my shopping list and still need to go visit Cos.

I'm not much in the mood for writing this stormy Saturday night (...though writing that did make it sound like a good time to be in the mood...so maybe now I am?) but I just want to say that I really will make a good attempt at giving more personal photos I took a home here. I have over 1000 frames of film scans that do deserve to see the light of day, or at least my/your computer screen, so you will have to bear with the non sequential way things may roll out. I'll try to tell a story or two too - with any luck they will be at least a little more emotive than this evenings efforts. Zzzzz........z..z.........


Photos: Rachel Kara in Kurnell with Nikkormat FT2 and Kodak Porta 160


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