man oh man

Take your pick.

ETA: ilovecoolthings made a very valid point..."part of the reason I am still single". This is true - I believe that somewhere out there are men who know how to dress (and I mean really understand...not just like be able to pick out a cool tee) without being a) gay or b) an artist narcissistic wanker. Of course this would be in combination with a whole lot of other not so shallow attributes but I won't go there, well not tonight anyway.

Photos: a selection from GQ 50 Most Stylish Men


  1. i think this collage is part of the reason why i am still single. i seriously believe that i'll be able to find a man out there that ACTUALLY looks like this and doesn't have a soft cushy gut. sigh... ah well, better to live dreaming than not dream at all...

  2. I completley agree!! Why is it so hard to find a guy who dress nice?! I watched East of eden the other night and gosh what James Dean looked good! I guess that's why I'm single to hehe...


bites and kisses for you. meow. x