melted cheese oozing from my (glittery gif)heart


Some things we do:
1. Close our eyes and think of where in the world we could be right now. And not just any country that haphazardly first comes to mind, you've got to really feel it - and have reasons.
2. Kiss in public places...blissfully unaware (ok, so maybe a little bit aware) of how "inappropriate" it actually is to most people.
3. Wake up and talk in the special language that actually is no language at all that sets the tone for our whole morning.
4. Wear your clothes - both of us.
5. Fight over who pays, lately you win.
6. Silently dream together
7. Lose things - including time. We talk about how annoying it is but secretly, I love that we even share our downfalls.
8. Have your hand tucked under my leg as I drive
9. Crave new things. Places, experiences, knowledge, foods, feelings, locations, objects. New things that can become old, familiar memories one day - memories that have been created together
10. Love


  1. I can't be sure, but I'm almost certain there is a tear, one single tear in my eye. Beaut darl. You two are delicious...and I get to bake your wedding cake. Obviously.


  2. More posts like this please - they feed my love depleted soul.


bites and kisses for you. meow. x